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I Ilene Carol is an entrepreneur, motivational coach, public speaker, columnist and business advisor. She is a Sr. Consultant and Publisher for ICE Media Entertainment and CEO of Ilene Carol ExQlusive. A personal brand that encompasses her as a mentor, brand ambassador and advocate.

Ilene's blog - Your BFF Online provides insight from her personal work and life experiences. The purpose is to help people improve their quality of life and embrace their life's purpose.


"Where would we be in this world if we didn't have people to help assist each other and give back to the community?

It's my mission to always be helpful, to inspire others, to share my knowledge, to empower women and to be involved in the development of our youth.

I will continue to challenge myself and think of innovative ways to help others to reach their dreams and achieve their goals." -- Ilene Carol

  • Ilene has been essential in my growth towards a career in advertising/branding by insuring to instill in me important lessons such as time management, quality control, and personal responsibility. She has been a great mentor to me. Her understanding, patience, kindness, and overall go-getter attitude are qualities that I hope to exemplify from this point forward. Working with her has truly been honor and a pleasure. Keiera Lewis
  • Working with Ilene really helped me grow my marketing skills and managing social media. I’ve found I now have a better base knowledge of social media marketing and branding in general which has already helped progress my career. Ilene is extremely hardworking and kind to work for as well. She's always open to new ideas and opinions on how to better do things, as well as, listening to your opinion. Overall, Ilene Carol is excellent to work with! Elizabeth Swindell
  • From the first time I met Ilene, we immediately realized the writing connection we had as a similar interest. She is extremely creative and driven. She has fantastic marketing and organization skills. I've been very impressed with her determination and success. Robin Anderson
  • Ilene has a wonderful energy about her and a great passion for helping others.  Jessica Hermes
  • I enjoy working with Ilene very much, she is a very pleasant person to talk to and work with. She is very knowledgeable, creative and reliable, and has always been there to assist me if I had a concern. I would absolutely recommend Ilene if you need help with web design or branding. Johana Jarama
  • Ilene Carol is a true professional. She knows her business inside and out. If you ever need a real professional working with you. Ilene Carol is the one. William J. Bumstead
  • Ilene and I had the opportunity to grow a strong relationship through my mentorship, and it has truly helped me become a better business-women. She pushed me past my comfort zone, and encouraged me to do new things I never thought I would be good at. Ilene Carol is motivating, caring, and focused on helping others. Paige Majdic
  • I worked with Ilene for a few months, and she was extremely responsive and great to work with! All of the materials were well-organized and uncomplicated, and anything that was unclear was easy to clear up with just a phone call or email. Ilene is very good about making sure she's on the same page as you, and quick to reply to emails or other messages. I would definitely recommend working with her. Abigail West
  • I had the privilege to work with Ilene Carol, she is a dedicated person that truly cares for her clients. Ilene is dedicated to making sure her clients succeed in their business. Michelle Wong
  • Ilene Carol is Awesome, built and maintained my Website, always available for answering question, and simply a very professional Woman!!! I've gotten many compliments on my site, and will continue using Her Company in the future! You want the Best, you better go with the Best!!! James Harrison Bacon
  • I’ve gained such a valuable experience working with Ilene. She has given me such great guidance. Ilene has always dedicated her time to making sure I understood and has been so patient in answering my questions. She tells you the truth and will find ways to work with you in order to help you succeed. She is super helpful, real, and motivating which has made it such a rewarding and insightful mentoring experience.  Thuy Tran
  • Ilene is super efficient and I loved working with her. Her insight proved extremely helpful to the growth of my business and she is well worth her asking price and more! I tell everyone I know if you are running a business and need an expert to give you insight into your growth or your business online presence this is the person to call. Maria Willis



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